International Meeting for Autism Research (May 7 - 9, 2009): Innovative Technologies Demonstration Session

Innovative Technologies Demonstration Session

Friday, May 8, 2009: 9:00 AM-5:30 PM
Boulevard (Chicago Hilton)
T2 Museum Hunt: a Computerized Eye-Tracking Game
F. Hurewitz, M. Brennan, E. Boucher and F. Lee
T4 Automated Detection of Stereotypical Motor Movements
M. S. Goodwin, S. S. Intille, F. Albinali, W. F. Velicer and J. Groden
T12 Automatic Retrieval of Mother-Infant Social Games from Unstructured Videos
P. Wang, J. M. Rehg, G. D. Abowd and R. I. Arriaga
T16 Collectia Pilot: Supporting Data Collection in Special Education
A. Bozzorg, V. Kantroo, A. Mansour, S. Pittman and G. D. Abowd
T19 User-Centered Design of Technology for Just-in-Time, in-Situ Exploration of Facial Affect for Persons on the Autism Spectrum
M. Eckhardt, M. Madsen, Y. Kashef, A. R. Nasser, M. E. Hoque, R. E. Kaliouby, M. S. Goodwin and R. W. Picard
T23 Automated Acoustic Analysis of Affective and Pragmatic Prosody in ASD
E. T. Prud'hommeaux, J. P. H. van Santen and L. M. Black
T24 Automated Identification of Stress and Focus Assignment
E. T. Prud'hommeaux, J. P. H. van Santen and L. M. Black
T25 Using a Behavioral Imaging Platform to Develop a Naturalistic Observational Diagnostic Assessment for Autism
C. J. Smith, S. E. Ober-Reynolds, K. Treulich, R. McIntosh and R. Melmed
T26 Toward Designing Interactive Technologies for Supporting Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders
D. Feil-Seifer, M. P. Black, M. J. Mataric and S. Narayanan
T27 Interactive and Collaborative Classroom Visual Schedules
M. Yeganyan, S. H. Hirano, D. H. Nguyen and G. R. Hayes
T28 Rich Spontaneous, Social Engagement with a Dinosaur Robot
E. S. Kim, D. Leyzberg, E. Short, R. Paul and B. Scassellati
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