International Meeting for Autism Research: Model Systems

Model Systems

Friday, May 21, 2010: 9:45 AM-11:45 AM
Grand Ballroom AB Level 5 (Philadelphia Marriott Downtown)
9:45 AM
Haploinsufficiency of Shank3 Leads to Impairments in Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity
J. D. Buxbaum, T. Sakurai, O. Bozdagi, X. Wang, Q. Zhou, D. Papapetrou and P. R. Hof
10:30 AM
Genetic and Functional Analyses Support a Role for CYFIP1 in Autism Spectrum Conditions
O. Bozdagi, T. Sakurai, G. Cai, L. Ospina, N. Takahashi, M. Pilorge, J. Glessner, H. Hakonaron, L. Pepa, L. Soorya, P. J. Gonzalez, E. Manghi, L. A. McInnes and J. D. Buxbaum
11:00 AM
Deficiency of Engrailed 2 (En2) Produces Abnormal Development of Forebrain-Projecting, Monoamine Neurotransmitters Systems and Depression Related Behaviors
L. Lin, P. Sonsalla, P. G. Matteson, J. L. Silverman, J. N. Crawley, J. H. Millonig and E. DiCicco-Bloom
11:15 AM
Long-Lasting Behavioral Interaction Between Perinatal PBDE Exposure and Mecp2308/+ Mutation
R. O. Vallero, M. S. Golub, J. K. Suarez, R. Woods, T. A. Ta, A. L. George, I. N. Pessah, R. F. Berman and J. M. LaSalle
11:30 AM
The Timing of Prenatal Immune Challenge Determines the Extent of White Matter Microstructural Anomalies Relevant to Autism
G. M. McAlonan, Q. Li, C. Cheung, R. Wei, V. Cheung, E. S. K. Hui, P. Wong, S. E. Chua and E. X. Wu
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