International Meeting for Autism Research: Human Genetics

Human Genetics

Friday, May 21, 2010: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM
Franklin Hall B Level 4 (Philadelphia Marriott Downtown)
10:00 AM
30 Epigenetic Heterogeneity of Human Chromosome 15 Duplication Syndrome Brain Samples
H. A. Scoles, W. T. Powell, A. Hogart, K. N. Leung, N. C. Schanen and J. M. LaSalle
11:00 AM
31 CNVs in Autism Spectrum Disorder
R. Canitano, E. Katzaki, F. T. Papa, M. Mucciolo, A. Spanhol Rosseto, M. A. Mencarelli, M. Pollazzon, V. Uliana, V. Scandurra, F. Mari and A. Renieri
10:00 AM
33 Copy Number Variants Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Extended Families
D. Salyakina, H. N. Cukier, D. Ma, J. Jaworski, I. Konidari, J. Gilbert, M. L. Cuccaro and M. A. Pericak-Vance
11:00 AM
34 Exploratory Sequence Analysis of Candidate Genes for Repetitive and Restricted Behaviors in Autism
E. L. Crawford, A. D. McGrew, E. Kistner-Griffin, N. Cox, E. H. Cook and J. Sutcliffe
10:00 AM
36 Evidence of Abnormal Folate Metabolism and DNA Hypomethylation in Mothers of Children with Autism
S. J. James, S. Melnyk, S. Jernigan, L. Seidel, M. Lopez, J. Fussell, T. Reid, E. Schulz, D. Gaylor and M. Cleves
11:00 AM
37 FAM120C as a Novel X-Linked Candidate Gene for Autism
A. Crepel, V. De Wolf, H. Peeters and K. Devriendt
10:00 AM
42 Comparison of Human Brain Persistent Organic Pollutant Levels with Epigenetic Alterations in DNA Methylation and MeCP2
M. M. Mitchell, A. L. George, L. -. H. Chi, P. J. Kostynaik and J. M. LaSalle
11:00 AM
10:00 AM
45 Genetic Analysis of Latent Phenotypes in Autism Spectrum Disorders
X. Q. Liu, S. Georgiades, E. Duku, A. P. Thompson, A. D. Paterson and P. Szatmari
11:00 AM
46 Functional Annotation of ASD Susceptibility Loci
S. R. Wadhawan, B. Georgi, R. Liu, S. Hannenhalli and M. Bucan
9:00 AM
47 Analysis of Selected mTOR Pathway Genes in ASD Families Reveals a Deletion Event in PTEN
D. Yu, R. L. Beauchamp, S. Haddad, R. Sasanfar, J. F. Gusella, M. J. Daly, S. L. Santangelo and V. Ramesh
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