International Meeting for Autism Research: Genetics, From Syndromes to GWAS

Genetics, From Syndromes to GWAS

Friday, May 13, 2011: 9:45 AM-11:45 AM
Elizabeth Ballroom GH (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
Session Chair:  V. Hu, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The George Washington University Medical Center, Washington, DC
9:45 AM
Neuropathology of Idiopathic Autism and Autism Associated with Chromosome 15 Duplication
J. Wegiel, I. Kuchna, K. Nowicki, S. Y. Ma, J. Wegiel, J. Frackowiak, B. Mazur- Kolecka, E. Marchi, I. L. Cohen, E. London, W. T. Brown and T. Wisniewski
10:00 AM
Intergenerational Transmission of Quantitative Autism Traits In the General Population and Autism Families
J. Steyaert, W. De la Marche, I. Noens, E. M. Scholte, H. Peeters and K. Devriendt
10:15 AM
Understanding Clinical Variability In Autism: Results From a California Twin Study
W. Froehlich, S. Cleveland, A. Torres, J. M. Phillips, B. Cohen, A. Fedele, T. Torigoe, J. Collins, K. S. Smith, L. Lotspeich, L. A. Croen, S. Ozonoff, C. Lajonchere, J. K. Grether, N. Risch and J. Hallmayer
10:45 AM
Evaluation of Copy Number Variations In Autism Spectrum Disorders
D. Ma, A. J. Griswold, H. N. Cukier, J. Jaworski, L. D. Nations, D. Salyakina, M. A. Schmidt, I. Konidari, P. Whitehead, H. H. Wright, R. K. Abramson, E. R. Martin, J. L. Haines, J. R. Gilbert, M. L. Cuccaro and M. A. Pericak-Vance
11:00 AM
Association Between Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) In VCFS Patients and SNPs In PRODH and COMT
P. D. Radoeva, I. L. Coman, F. A. Middleton, K. M. Antshel, W. Fremont, R. J. Shprintzen, B. E. Morrow and W. R. Kates
11:30 AM
The Genetics of Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum and Its Connection to Autism
E. Sherr, S. Sajan, L. Fernandez-Betancourt, J. Glessner, H. Hakonarson and W. B. Dobyns
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