International Meeting for Autism Research: Infants with Autism and Infant Siblings

Infants with Autism and Infant Siblings

Saturday, May 14, 2011: 1:15 PM-3:15 PM
Douglas Pavilion A (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
Session Chair:  L. Zwaigenbaum, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
1:15 PM
A Comparison of Behavioral Markers Of ASD in a High-Risk Infant Cohort Based on Cognitive Level at 3 Years
L. Zwaigenbaum, S. E. Bryson, I. M. Smith, P. Szatmari, J. Brian, W. Roberts, C. Roncadin and T. Vaillancourt
1:30 PM
Stability of AUTISM Spectrum Diagnoses within A High-RISK Longitudinal Cohort
W. Roberts, L. Zwaigenbaum, J. A. Brian, S. E. Bryson, I. M. Smith, P. Szatmari and C. Roncadin
1:45 PM
Intact Early Gaze Following In Infants at High Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders
R. Bedford, M. Elsabbagh, A. Senju, T. Gliga, A. Pickles, T. Charman, M. H. Johnson and .. The BASIS Team*
2:30 PM
Maternal Responses to Vocal Bids of Infants at High Versus Low Risk for Autism
D. M. Butler, N. B. Leezenbaum, J. B. Northrup, S. Campbell and J. M. Iverson
2:45 PM
Reduced Attention to Social Content In Preverbal Infants at Risk for Autism
S. P. Johnson, K. Gillespie, M. C. Frank, W. Frankenhuis, S. S. Jeste, M. Dapretto and T. Hutman
3:00 PM
Joint Attention Predicts Adaptive Behavior Development In Infants with and without ASD
T. Hutman, L. Gomez, K. Gillespie-Lynch, A. Rozga, M. Sigman and S. P. Johnson
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