International Meeting for Autism Research: Epidemiology, Biological Risk Factors

Epidemiology, Biological Risk Factors

Saturday, May 14, 2011: 9:45 AM-11:45 AM
Elizabeth Ballroom D (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
Session Chair:  L. A. Croen, Kaiser Permanente, Division of Research, Oakland, CA
9:45 AM
Prenatal Influenza or Fever and Risk of Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders
O. Zerbo, I. Hertz-Picciotto, A. M. Iosif, R. L. Hansen and C. K. Walker
10:00 AM
Autism Spectrum Disorders In Relation to Parental Occupational Exposures During Pregnancy
G. Windham, J. K. Grether, A. Sumner, S. Li, E. Katz and L. A. Croen
10:15 AM
Traffic Exposure From Freeways as a Risk Factor for Autism
H. E. Volk, I. Hertz-Picciotto, F. Lurmann and R. McConnell
10:30 AM
Prenatal and Neonatal Peripheral Blood Mercury Levels and Autism Spectrum Disorders
L. A. Croen, M. A. Lutsky, C. Yoshida, C. P. Alaimo, M. Kharrazi, J. K. Grether and P. Green
10:45 AM
Cytokine Levels In Amniotic Fluid : a Marker of Maternal Immune Activation In Autism?
M. W. Abdallah, N. Larsen, J. Grove, B. Nørgaard-Pedersen, E. L. Mortensen and D. M. Hougaard
11:00 AM
Prenatal and Neonatal Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Levels and Autism Spectrum Disorder
M. A. Lutsky, C. Yoshida, B. Lasley, M. Kharrazi, J. K. Grether, G. Windham and L. A. Croen
11:15 AM
The Role of Maternal Diabetes and Related Conditions In Autism and Other Developmental Delays
P. Krakowiak, A. A. Bremer, A. S. Baker, C. K. Walker, R. L. Hansen and I. Hertz-Picciotto