International Meeting for Autism Research: Genomics and Gene Expression In ASD

Genomics and Gene Expression In ASD

Friday, May 13, 2011: 3:45 PM-5:45 PM
Elizabeth Ballroom D (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
Session Chair:  A. A. Scott-Van Zeeland, Scripps Translational Science Institute, La Jolla, CA
3:45 PM
Blood-Based Gene Expression In Infants and Toddlers with ASD
M. E. Winn, N. Schork, K. Pierce and E. Courchesne
4:15 PM
Identification of Shared Molecular Pathway Involved In Autism by Transcriptional Profiling
Y. Tian, I. Voineagu, R. Luo, R. A. Mar-Heyming and D. H. Geschwind
4:30 PM
Monoallelic Expression In the Human Brain May Be Associated with Autism Risk
S. Shifman, E. Granot-Hershkovitz and E. Ben-David
4:45 PM
Blood-Based Transcriptomic Biomarker Profiles of Autistic Spectrum and Other Developmental Disorders
S. J. Glatt, M. E. Winn, C. Roe, T. Wong, C. Ahrens-Barbeau, S. Chandler, M. Collins, L. Lopez, M. Tsuang, K. Pierce, N. Schork and E. Courchesne
5:00 PM
Aberrant Proliferative and Organizational Pathways with Disrupted Cortical Lamination In Young Autistic Males
M. L. Chow, T. Pramparo, M. E. Winn, R. Stoner, M. P. Boyle, E. Lein, S. Roy, H. R. Li, J. B. Fan, C. April, X. D. Fu, S. Colamarino, P. Mouton, L. Weiss, N. Schork, A. Wynshaw-Boris and E. Courchesne
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