Early Development II

Saturday, May 17, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:15 PM
Imperial B (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
10:30 AM
A Multi-Site Study of Prevalence, Incidence, and Age at First Diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Findings from the Mental Health Research Network Autism Registry Study
V. Yau, F. L. Lynch, J. Madden, A. A. Owen-Smith, K. J. Coleman, S. Bent, M. L. Massolo, K. A. Pearson, P. Crawford, M. E. Pomichowski, M. Lakoma and L. A. Croen
10:54 AM
Reduced Curiosity and Exploration As an Early Warning Sign of ASD
E. C. Bacon, M. Chen, L. Schreibman, A. C. Stahmer, C. Carter, E. Courchesne and K. Pierce
11:30 AM
The Integration of Vocalizations and Smiles within Joint Attention Acts in Infants at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
L. V. Ibanez, S. R. Edmunds, D. Gangi, T. P. Nguyen, Z. E. Warren, D. S. Messinger and W. L. Stone
11:54 AM
Developmental Trajectories of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia in Children with Autism from Birth to Early Childhood
S. J. Sheinkopf, T. P. Levine, B. Abar, E. Conradt, L. L. LaGasse, R. Seifer, S. Shankaran, H. Bada-Ellzey, C. Bauer, T. M. Whitaker, J. A. Hammond and B. M. Lester