Pivotal Response Treatment: Novel Intervention Models to Optimize Outcome

This panel will review new research into state-of-the-art models for disseminating evidence-based Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) for ASD across key contexts and stakeholders. The first presentation examines results of a large randomized controlled trial of PRT Group (PRTG) and reviews data on the effects of group parent education on child language and parenting stress and empowerment. The second talk introduces the novel Classroom PRT (CPRT) approach for training teachers and will present preliminary teacher outcomes and child characteristics from large-scale application of CPRT in school settings. The third presentation reviews preliminary data on the effects of brief individually-administered PRT on child language use, as well as neurophysiological function measured with EEG for a small subsample. Finally, our fourth panelist will discuss a package treatment model which combines both parent training and clinician-delivered intervention in home settings to maximize treatment effects and data supporting this model will be shared. Overall, this panel offers a review of innovative research in intervention models of PRT to optimize outcome across multiple universities, documenting novel approaches for community implementation of evidence-based motivational treatment practices. We seek to stimulate further research interest in the development of high-quality autism interventions and in effective strategies for wide-spread dissemination.
Thursday, May 14, 2015: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Grand Salon (Grand America Hotel)
Panel Chair:
A. Y. Hardan
L. Schreibman
10:30 AM
Pivotal Response Treatment Parent Training Group: Effects on Parent Factors and Child Outcomes from a Randomized Controlled Trial
K. L. Berquist G. W. Gengoux M. B. Minjarez J. M. Phillips T. W. Frazier A. Y. Hardan
11:20 AM
Efficacy of Brief Pivotal Response Training on Language Outcomes and Neurophysiological Indices in Children with ASD
M. B. Minjarez T. DesChamps A. Kresse G. W. Gengoux A. Y. Hardan K. L. Berquist S. J. Webb R. Bernier
11:45 AM
Pivotal Response Treatment Package: Combined Parent Training with Clinician-Delivered in-Home Treatment
G. W. Gengoux J. M. Phillips C. M. Ardel M. E. Millan R. Schuck T. W. Frazier A. Y. Hardan