Pcornet- Creating a National Network of Patient-Powered Research Networks

Thursday, May 12, 2016: 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
Hall A (Baltimore Convention Center)
S. F. Terry, Genetic Alliance, Washington, DC
Background:  The Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute has developed a national clinical research network comprised of Patient Powered Research Networks and Clinical Data Research Networks, known as PCORnet. This network strives to conduct patient centered research that focuses on priorities most critical to individuals, families and communities.  It creates opportunities for collaborative research on health conditions, connecting researchers and participants for research tied to the unique interests of those affected.

Objectives:  Creation of a new and unique model of national clinical research aimed at addressing the needs and concerns of those affected by medical conditions.

Methods:  PCORnet's structure and organization will be reviewed. Current and future planned initiatives will be discussed.

Results:  NA

Conclusions: PCORnet creates a new national clinical research model to address the needs and interests of participants, clinicians, and researchers for rapid, large population investigation of criticial health conditions and concerns.