Genetic Mouse Models of Syndromal Autism Spectrum Disorder

Saturday, May 14, 2016: 1:45 PM-2:35 PM
Hall B (Baltimore Convention Center)
1:45 PM
Initial Characterization of a New Loss-of-Function Mouse Model of the Autism Susceptibility Gene Chd8
J. L. Silverman M. C. Pride I. Zdilar A. L. Gompers K. Zarbalis J. N. Crawley A. Visel D. Dickel L. A. Pennacchio A. S. Nord
1:57 PM
Total Brain Volume Increase and Selective White Matter Loss in the Hgsnat(-/-) and Sgsh (-/-) Mouse Models Related to Sanfillipo Syndrome
J. P. Lerch R. Yuen A. Creighton L. Spencer Noakes B. J. Nieman L. Nutter S. W. Scherer J. Ellegood
2:09 PM
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