Social Cognition and Social Behavior

Thursday, May 12, 2016: 1:45 PM-2:35 PM
Room 310 (Baltimore Convention Center)
1:45 PM
Social Reinforcement Learning and Its Neural Modulation By Oxytocin in Healthy Young Adults
J. A. Kruppa A. Gossen N. Großheinrich H. Schopf G. Kohls G. R. Fink B. Herpertz-Dahlmann K. Konrad M. Schulte-Rüther
1:57 PM
Influences of Others' Gaze Behaviors on Attentional Allocation during Activity Monitoring in Adults with and without ASD
C. Foster M. del Valle Rubido J. McCracken E. Hollander L. Scahill L. Boak O. Khwaja F. Bolognani P. Fontoura D. Umbricht S. S. Jeste E. S. Kim R. J. Jou C. A. Wall F. Shic
2:09 PM
Quantitative Assessment of Socio-Affective Dynamics in Autism Using Interpersonal Physiology
O. O. Wilder-Smith J. C. Sullivan R. V. Palumbo C. DiStefano A. Gulsrud C. K. McCracken C. Kasari M. S. Goodwin