International Meeting for Autism Research (London, May 15-17, 2008): Language Posters

Language Posters

Saturday, May 17, 2008: 1:00 PM-5:30 PM
Champagne Terrace/Bordeaux (Novotel London West)
2 Pragmatic inferences in high-functioning adults with autism and Asperger syndrome
J. Pijnacker, P. Hagoort, J. Buitelaar, J. P. Teunisse and B. Geurts
6 Maternal rate of speaking predicts later language in children with ASD
J. Karaja, L. D. Swensen, G. Jaffery, D. Fein and L. Naigles
7 Visual fixation patterns are associated with communicative competence
C. Norbury, J. Brock, L. Cragg, S. Einav, H. Griffiths and K. Nation
8 Expressive prosody in autism: Effects of prosody function and processing demands
J. Van Santen, E. Tucker Prud′hommeaux, R. Paul, L. Black and L. Shriberg
10 Grammatical strengths in the language of young children with autism
L. Naigles, S. Tek, G. Jaffery and D. Fein
11 Sentence Development in Young Speakers with Autism Spectrum Disorders
M. Lewis, E. Schoen, R. Paul, J. Van Santen and L. Black
S. Ellis-Weismer, M. A. Gernsbacher, E. Roos, C. Karasinski, A. Esler and S. Stronach
17 Word Reading in Hyperlexic Children with ASD
D. Saldaña, M. Carreiras and U. Frith
19 An Acoustic Inspection of Vocalizations in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
M. C. Wallace, J. E. Cleary, E. H. Buder, W. Pettit and D. K. Oller
22 Phrase speech milestone predicts autism symptoms and adaptive ability in high functioning school age children with autism spectrum disorders
L. Kenworthy, D. O. Black, L. K. Case, J. Strang, J. L. Sokoloff, A. Youmatz, C. Anselmo, J. A. Silvers and G. L. Wallace
27 Agreement across Measures of Language and Communication in Preschoolers with Core Autism
K. Hudry, K. Leadbitter, K. Temple, V. Slonims, H. McConachie, C. R. Aldred and T. Charman
31 Automated measurement of expressive prosody in neurodevelopmental disorders
E. T. Prud'hommeaux, J. Van Santen, R. Paul and L. Black
32 Understanding Pronominal Reference in Adults with High-Functioning Autism
A. Mizuno, D. L. Williams, T. A. Keller, N. J. Minshew and M. A. Just
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