International Meeting for Autism Research: Brain Imaging 2

Brain Imaging 2

Saturday, May 22, 2010: 9:45 AM-11:45 AM
Grand Ballroom E Level 5 (Philadelphia Marriott Downtown)
9:45 AM
Growth Curves for Longitudinal Regional Brain Volumes in Autism Vs. Typical Development
J. E. Lainhart, C. Ravichandran, A. Froehlich, M. B. DuBray, T. Abildskov, E. Bigler, A. L. Alexander and N. Lange
10:00 AM
An Examination of Brain Size in Infants at High Risk for Autism: Preliminary Findings From the Infant Brain Imaging Study
H. C. Hazlett, K. Botteron, H. Gu, R. McKinstry, S. Paterson, M. Styner and J. Piven
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
Multimodal MRI Analysis of White Matter in Young Children with Autism: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Tractography, and Structural MRI Study
M. Shen, C. W. Nordahl, R. C. Scholz, L. M. Perry, R. F. Dougherty, T. J. Simon, S. J. Rogers, B. A. Wandell and D. G. Amaral
10:45 AM
11:00 AM
Atypical Asymmetry of Superior Temporal Gyrus and Temporal Stem White Matter Microstructure in Autism
N. Lange, M. B. DuBray, J. E. Lee, M. P. Froimowitz, A. Froehlich, N. Adluru, B. Wright, C. Ravichandran, P. T. Fletcher, E. Bigler, A. L. Alexander and J. E. Lainhart
11:15 AM
Altered Functional Connectivity During Rest is Related to 5-HTTLPR Genotype in Autism Spectrum Disorders
J. L. Wiggins, S. J. Peltier, J. K. Bedoyan, S. Ashinoff, S. J. Weng, M. Carrasco, R. C. Welsh, C. Lord, D. M. Martin and C. S. Monk
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