International Meeting for Autism Research: Human Genetics 1

Human Genetics 1

Friday, May 21, 2010: 3:45 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom CD Level 5 (Philadelphia Marriott Downtown)
3:45 PM
A Population-Based Twin Study of Autism in California
J. Hallmayer, J. M. Phillips, S. Cleveland, A. Torres, L. Lotspeich, C. Lajonchere, A. Fedele, J. Miller, T. Torigoe, J. K. Grether, K. S. Smith, J. Collins, S. Ozonoff, L. A. Croen and N. Risch
4:00 PM
CNV Atlas for Autism: A Gene Discovery and Clinical Research Tool
D. H. Ledbetter, E. B. Kaminsky, D. Pickering, D. Golden, E. Aston, T. J. Gliem, T. Ackley, S. Huang, J. C. Barber, J. A. Crolla, R. K. Iyer, E. C. Thorland, A. R. Brothman, W. G. Sanger, S. Aradhya and C. L. Martin
4:30 PM
Embryologically-Derived Measures of Dysmorphology Among AGRE Multiplex Autism Probands
C. Deutsch, R. E. Butler, S. S. Nazarian-Mobin, B. S. Chambers, A. R. Shell, J. R. Cuomo, R. W. Francis, J. M. Stoler, M. M. Urata and C. Lajonchere
4:45 PM
5:00 PM
Sex-Specific Genetic Effects of Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Genome-Wide Association Analysis
S. C. Chang, C. Lange, J. Lasky-Su, M. J. Daly and S. L. Santangelo
5:15 PM
Systematic Resequencing of X-Linked Synaptic Genes: Identification of Damaging Mutations in Autistic Spectrum Individuals
A. Piton, J. Gauthier, F. F. Hamdan, S. 2. D. Team, L. Mottron, R. Joober, E. Fombonne, P. Drapeau and G. A. Rouleau
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