International Meeting for Autism Research: Neurophysiology: Social & Affective Processing

Neurophysiology: Social & Affective Processing

Thursday, May 12, 2011: 1:00 PM-5:30 PM
Elizabeth Ballroom E-F and Lirenta Foyer Level 2 (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
1:00 PM
185 ERP Measures of Facial Negative Emotional Expression Recognition In Autism and ADHD
G. Sokhadze, A. S. El-Baz, L. L. Sears, J. M. Baruth, E. M. Sokhadze and M. F. Casanova
2:00 PM
186 FACE Processing IN Children with AUTISM Through Dense-ARRAY EEG Recording
F. Apicella, R. R. Federico, F. Sicca, G. Campatelli and F. Muratori
3:00 PM
187 Single-Neuron Correlates of Abnormal Face Processing by the Amygdala In Autism
U. Rutishauser, O. Tudusciuc, D. Neumann, A. N. Mamelak, A. C. Heller, I. B. Ross and R. Adolphs
1:00 PM
188 Feature Binding of Social Versus Non-Social Stimuli In Children with ASD
A. Y. Nguyen-Phuc, D. Perszyk, A. Naples and J. McPartland
2:00 PM
189 Electrophysiological Correlates of Face Processing In Simplex and Multiplex ASD Families
R. T. Lowy, K. M. Venema, K. Ankenman, J. Gerdts, R. A. Bernier, E. M. Wijsman and S. J. Webb
3:00 PM
190 Temporal Dynamics of Subliminal and Supraliminal Emotional Face Perception In Individuals with Autistic Traits
M. Viktorinova, D. Perszyk, J. Wu, A. Naples, H. Rutherford, L. Mayes and J. McPartland
1:00 PM
191 Affective Modulation of the Startle Eyeblink Reflex In Autism Spectrum Disorder In Response to Social and Non-Social Stimuli
A. Sabatino, J. W. Bodfish, N. J. Sasson, J. Franklin, S. D. Benning and G. S. Dichter
2:00 PM
192 EEG, Empathy, and External Monitoring
O. Johnston, T. Newton, A. Clawson, N. K. Jamison, M. J. Larson and M. South
3:00 PM
193 Neural Mechanisms of Empathy for Physical and Social Pain and Their Relation to Autistic Traits
C. E. Mukerji, R. A. Bernier, D. Perszyk, A. Naples, A. Fogel and J. McPartland
1:00 PM
Distinguishing Self and Other In High Functioning Autism (Withdrawn)
M. A. Stokes, T. J. Perkins, J. A. McGillivray, J. A. Manjiviona, R. Bittar and D. Kidgell
1:00 PM
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