International Meeting for Autism Research: Neurophysiology: Cognitive Neuroscience

Neurophysiology: Cognitive Neuroscience

Thursday, May 12, 2011: 1:00 PM-5:30 PM
Elizabeth Ballroom E-F and Lirenta Foyer Level 2 (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
1:00 PM
165 Neural Correlates of Implicit Learning In Young Children with ASD
S. S. Jeste, A. Norona, S. F. Freeman and T. Paparella
2:00 PM
166 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Modulates P300 Indices of Selective Attention In Autism
J. M. Baruth, E. M. Sokhadze, L. L. Sears and M. F. Casanova
2:00 PM
169 Cortical Inhibition and GABAergic Function In Autism Spectrum Disorders
P. G. Enticott, H. A. Kennedy, N. J. Rinehart, B. J. Tonge, J. L. Bradshaw and P. B. Fitzgerald
3:00 PM
170 Atypical Maturation of Oculomotor and Manual Motor Response Inhibition In ASD
L. M. Schmitt, M. W. Mosconi, M. E. Ragozzino, E. H. Cook and J. A. Sweeney
3:00 PM
173 ERPs to Words In Toddlers with ASD Predict Behavioral Measures at 6 Years of Age
S. Coffey-Corina, D. Padden, P. Kuhl and A. M. Estes
1:00 PM
174 Visual Statistical Learning In Infants at Risk for ASD
A. Norona, L. Hawkins, A. Law, T. Hutman, S. P. Johnson and S. S. Jeste
2:00 PM
175 Electrophysiological Indices of Conflict Monitoring In Autism Spectrum Disorders
A. Clawson, P. E. Clayson, M. J. Larson, O. Johnston and M. South
3:00 PM
176 Neural Mechanisms of Reward Processing In ASD
D. Perszyk, M. J. Crowley, A. Naples, J. Wu, A. Y. Nguyen-Phuc, M. Victorinova, L. Mayes and J. McPartland
2:00 PM
178 IQ Discrepancy Profiles and EEG Alpha Power In Autism Spectrum Disorders
B. Aaronson, K. Sullivan, M. Murias and R. A. Bernier
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