International Meeting for Autism Research: Structural and Functional Brain Imaging In Older Children, Adolescents and Adults with ASD

Structural and Functional Brain Imaging In Older Children, Adolescents and Adults with ASD

Thursday, May 12, 2011: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Elizabeth Ballroom GH (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
Session Chair:  M. Solomon, Department of Psychiatry, MIND Institute, Imaging Research Center, Sacramento, CA, United States; MIND Institute, UC Davis, Sacramento, CA
10:30 AM
ASD Risk Polymorphism in MET is Associated with an Aberrant Pattern of Functional Activity Across Regions of High MET Expression
J. D. Rudie, L. M. Hernandez, D. Shirinyan, N. L. Colich, P. Gorrindo, D. H. Geschwind, P. Levitt, S. Y. Bookheimer and M. Dapretto
10:45 AM
A Common Oxytocin Receptor Polymorphism Interacts with Adverse Social Experiences In Influencing Brain Responses to Angry Faces and Social-Affective Problems
E. Loth, B. Thyreau, A. Lourdusamy, D. Stacey, A. Cattrell, G. Barker, C. Buechel, P. Conrod, H. Flor, J. Gallinat, H. Garavan, A. Heinz, M. Lathrop, K. Mann, J. L. Martinot, T. Paus, L. Poustka, T. W. Robbins, M. Rietschel, M. Smolka, J. B. Poline and G. Schumann
11:15 AM
Disambiguating Reward Circuitry Function In Autism: New Insight Into Social Cognition From a Three-Group fMRI Study
J. A. Richey, G. S. Dichter, A. Rittenberg, R. Pretzel, A. B. Ratto and J. W. Bodfish
11:45 AM
A Dissociation In Function: Brain Regions Hypoactive to Social Exclusion and Hyperactive to Rule Violation In Children with ASD
D. Z. Bolling, N. B. Pitskel, B. Deen, M. J. Crowley, M. D. Kaiser and K. A. Pelphrey
12:00 PM
White Matter Abnormalities Between Youth with Autism and Unaffected Siblings: A Pilot Study Using Tract-Based Spatial Statistics
R. J. Jou, N. Mateljevic, M. D. Kaiser, A. C. Voos, D. R. Sugrue, A. Y. Nguyen-Phuc, F. R. Volkmar and K. A. Pelphrey
12:15 PM
Using Information-Based Functional Brain Mapping to Detect Biomarkers of Autism In Adults
M. V. Lombardo, N. Kriegeskorte, I. Charest, C. Ecker, B. Chakrabarti, E. T. Bullmore, D. G. Murphy, M. R. C. AIMS Consortium and S. Baron-Cohen