International Meeting for Autism Research: Animal Models and Cell Biology

Animal Models and Cell Biology

Thursday, May 12, 2011: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Douglas Pavilion A (Manchester Grand Hyatt)
Session Chair:  R. Paylor, Molecular & Hum Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
10:30 AM
Abnormal Behavior, Epileptic Seizures and Atypical Neuronal Circuit Functioning In Cntnap2 Knockout Mice: a New Mouse Model of Autism Spectrum Disorders
O. Penagarikano, B. S. Abrahams, R. T. Jones, K. C. Winden, A. Bragin, I. Mody, E. Peles and D. H. Geschwind
10:45 AM
11:15 AM
Proteomic Analysis of the Autism Candidate Gene, Jakmip1, Suggests Its Role In Brain Translational Regulation
J. Bomar, A. Oguro-Ando, O. Penagarikano, J. Miller, H. Dong, S. Pellegrini, J. Wohlschlegel and D. H. Geschwind
11:45 AM
Childhood Behavioral Correlates of Maternal Antibodies In Autism
D. Braunschweig, I. N. Pessah and J. Van de Water
12:15 PM
In Utero Cytokine Exposure Influences Postnatal Development of T Helper Cells
M. Mandal, A. Marzouk, R. Donnelly and N. M. Ponzio