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30-Year Follow-Up of Autism in Adulthood

The population of adults with ASD is increasing rapidly, entering systems of healthcare and adult support that are already at capacity. Understanding the nature of ASD in adults, their unique needs, and availability of service options, is essential for resource planning and service development. Investigations into this period of life are increasing, but much remains unknown. This study examines adult outcomes for a large, population-based sample of adults identified as children in the 1980's. Outcomes of interest concern diagnostic presentation, functional abilities, co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions, social functioning, independence, service use, and access to services. Overall, outcomes for this sample were consistent with what has been reported for similar samples, yet there were notable differences in factors contributing to outcomes compared to what has been reported for other groups. Our findings support the importance of a range of accessible healthcare and support service options for adults with ASD. Detailed analyses are underway to investigate patterns leading to specific outcomes for subgroups of the population of adults with ASD.
Friday, 3 May 2013: 16:30-17:30
Chamber Hall (Kursaal Centre)
Session Chair:
M. Farley
Social Functioning of Adults with ASD: Results From a 30-Year Follow-up
M. Farley W. M. McMahon H. Coon J. Viskochil S. Harward E. Haygeman A. V. Bakian D. Bilder
Comorbid Medical Conditions in a Population-Based Sample of Adults with ASD
W. M. McMahon A. V. Bakian J. Viskochil H. Coon M. Farley E. L. Botts D. Bilder
Psychiatric Co-Morbidity Among Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
D. Bilder J. Viskochil T. Buck H. Coon W. M. McMahon M. Farley
Effect of Urbanicity On Adult Outcomes in Autism Spectrum Disorders
J. Viskochil M. Farley D. Bilder W. M. McMahon S. Harward E. Haygeman A. V. Bakian
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