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Treatments: Behavioral Interventions

This session includes large controlled and/or novel behavioral trials.
Saturday, 4 May 2013: 10:30-12:30
Meeting Room 3 (Kursaal Centre)
Comparative Effectiveness Trial of School and Home-Based Executive Functioning Versus Social Skills Intervention for Children with Asd; Part 2: Performance-Based Effects
L. Kenworthy M. A. Werner K. C. Alexander J. F. Strang M. Wills C. Luong-Tran J. L. Sokoloff E. Bal L. Cannon A. C. Sharber M. Rosenthal G. L. Wallace L. G. Anthony
Moderators of a Theory of Mind Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial
S. Begeer E. Hoddenbach P. Clifford C. Gevers C. Clauser F. Boer H. M. Koot
Effects of Intensive Play-Based Toddler Intervention: A Multi-Site, Randomized Trials of the Early Start Denver Model (Withdrawn)
S. J. Rogers A. Estes C. Lord A. L. Fitzpatrick G. Dawson J. Winter M. L. Rocha L. A. Vismara
Randomized Controlled Trial of Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) Parent Training Group
G. W. Gengoux M. B. Minjarez K. L. Berquist J. M. Phillips T. W. Frazier A. Y. Hardan