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Young Children, Schools

Thursday, 2 May 2013: 14:00-18:00
Banquet Hall (Kursaal Centre)
1 Survey of Service Provision for Young Children with ASD Across Europe
E. Salomone H. McConachie P. Warreyn J. Sinzig M. Noterdaeme L. Poustka T. Charman
Age At Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Experience of a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India (Withdrawn)
P. Malhi P. Singhi
4 Use of an Online Questionnaire to Explore Views of Educational Transition in the UK for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
S. Anderson M. Murin S. M. Staunton J. Hellriegel W. Mandy O. Baykaner D. H. Skuse
10 Effectiveness of a Supported Screening in the Identification of Latino Children At Risk for ASDs
B. J. Anthony M. Biel M. Minier K. Linas D. Jacobstein I. Lorenzo-Hubert S. Dos Santos R. Mendez
16 The Relevance of "Realworld Evaluation" to Autism Intervention Research
T. C. Daley N. Singhal M. Barua T. S. Weisner R. S. Brezis
20 Knowledge Translation Strategies for Engaging Families in Biomarker Discovery
S. Prasanna A. Yusuf E. Fombonne L. Zwaigenbaum S. W. Scherer M. Elsabbagh
27 Neuromodulation with TMS Effects On Heart Rate Variability in Children with Autism
M. K. Hensley E. M. Sokhadze A. S. El-Baz M. F. Casanova
29 Training for Educators of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
A. P. Juárez C. M. Taylor L. Garrett W. A. Loring K. H. Frank E. Carter M. Brock H. Huber E. Wallace A. Stainbrook S. Blumberg Z. Warren