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Screening and Diagnosis

This session focuses on recent advances behavioural screening and discoveries leading towards possible molecular biomarkers. Consideration is given to the factors that influence both detection and clinical diagnosis in a range of clinical groups from infancy to adulthood.
Thursday, 2 May 2013: 14:30-16:30
Chamber Hall (Kursaal Centre)
J. A. Vorstman and C. M. Freitag
Development of a Culture Appropriate Screening Tool (NDST) for Detecting Neuro-Developmental Disorders in Children in the Community
A. Mohapatra V. B. Deshmukh M. Nair S. Gulati V. K. Bhutani D. H. Silberberg N. K. Arora I. Group
Can Internal Metrics of Reporting Bias Enhance Early Screening Measures?
C. M. Taylor A. Vehorn H. Noble J. A. Crittendon W. A. Loring C. R. Newsom A. Nicholson Z. Warren
Abnormalities of the Serotonin-NAS-Melatonin Pathway in Autism Spectrum Disorders
C. Pagan H. Goubran Botros G. Huguet M. Leboyer R. Delorme J. M. Launay T. Bourgeron
Behavioral Markers Predictive of ASD in High-Risk Infants At 6 Months
J. A. Brian L. Zwaigenbaum S. E. Bryson W. Roberts I. M. Smith P. Szatmari C. Roncadin N. Garon T. Vaillancourt