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Cognition and Behavior III

Saturday, 4 May 2013: 09:00-13:00
Banquet Hall (Kursaal Centre)
149 Age Related Differences of Executive Functions in Children and Adolescents in the Autism Spectrum
S. van den Bergh A. M. Scheeren S. Begeer H. M. Koot H. M. Geurts
151 Autistic Features Observed in Young People Who Have Experienced Early Maltreatment – Examining ‘Quasi-Autism'
V. Livermore-Hardy D. H. Skuse M. DeJong L. Brown-Wright M. Murin W. Mandy
155 Comparing Grammatical Items in Spontaneous Speech Vs. Parent Report in ASD
A. T. Tovar C. A. Navarro-Torres M. Jyotishi A. Goodwin D. A. Fein L. Naigles
157 Developmental Aspects of Affective Decision Making in ASD
D. Bjornn S. Wigham L. Gray P. D. Chamberlain K. Ames S. White T. Newton M. South J. Rodgers
159 Food Selectivity, Weight Status, and Caregiver Feeding Practices in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
T. V. Kral M. C. Souders W. T. Eriksen A. M. Remiker V. H. Tompkins J. A. Pinto-Martin
160 Intelligence Profiles in Children and Adolescents with 22q11 Deletion Syndrome with and without Psychopathology
E. Hidding H. Swaab J. A. Vorstman H. van Engeland L. M. J. de Sonneville
162 Longitudinal Changes in Processing Speed and Corresponding White Matter Microstructure in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
B. G. Travers E. D. Bigler N. Adluru D. P. Tromp C. Ennis M. Prigge A. L. Froehlich N. Lange A. L. Alexander J. E. Lainhart
166 Reading and Oral Language Comprehension in Students with ASD
N. McIntyre P. C. Mundy M. Solomon N. V. Hatt M. Gwaltney W. Jarrold K. Kim
170 Sensory Processing Disorders Patterns in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
M. N. Simard M. Couture E. Gisel E. Fombonne C. Kirby
171 Synaesthesia in Adults with Autism
D. Johnson C. Allison S. Baron-Cohen
172 The Impact of Problem Behavior On Language Outcomes for Preschool-Aged Children with ASD
A. Gutierrez J. M. Weber D. Coman A. V. Maharaj D. Bagner M. Alessandri B. Boyd K. Hume L. D. Johnson L. A. Sperry S. Odom
A Double Blind, Randomized Clinical Trial of Oxytocin Nasal Spray to Improve Social Interaction and Reduce Repetitive Behaviours in Young Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Withdrawn)
C. Yatawara S. L. Einfeld A. J. Guastella