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Late Breaking Abstracts

Thursday, 2 May 2013: 11:00-13:00
Chamber Hall (Kursaal Centre)
Randomized, Controlled, Phase 2 Trial of STX209 for Social Function in ASD
J. Veenstra-VanderWeele L. Sikich R. Melmed J. S. von Hehn K. L. Walton-Bowen N. Kuriyama M. Cherubini P. Zarevics R. L. Carpenter M. F. Bear P. Wang E. H. Cook
Adaptive Intervention For Communication In Minimally Verbal School Aged Children
C. Kasari A. P. Kaiser K. Goods M. Y. Roberts P. Mathy R. Landa C. DiStefano D. Almirall
A Suppressor Screen of Mouse Mecp2 Implicates Cholesterol Metabolism in Rett Syndrome
C. M. Buchovecky S. M. Kyle S. D. Turley M. J. Justice
Modeling the Phenotypic Architecture of Autism Symptoms From Time of Diagnosis to Age 6
S. Georgiades M. Boyle P. Szatmari S. Hanna E. Duku L. Zwaigenbaum S. E. Bryson E. Fombonne P. Mirenda I. M. Smith W. Roberts T. Vaillancourt J. Volden C. Waddell T. Bennett M. Elsabbagh A. Thompson
Exploring the Underdiagnosis and Prevalence of Autism in Mainland China
X. Sun C. Allison F. E. Matthews X. Z. Zhang B. Auyeung S. Baron-Cohen C. Brayne
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