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Minimally Verbal Individuals

An estimated 30-40% of school-aged children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) remain minimally verbal even after receiving years of interventions. Very little is known about individuals at this end of the autism spectrum partly because this is a highly variable population with no single set of defining characteristics, and partly because these individuals are excluded from most research studies. This SIG aims to promote research that will help characterize children with ASD who are nonverbal/minimally verbal and forge collaborations among researchers interested in developing new assessments and effective interventions. We will use our first meeting to establish working groups of investigators at various levels of experience and training to develop priorities for new research programs. The goal is for workgroups to establish ongoing collaborations that will be reviewed at subsequent IMFAR meetings. Our SIG will have an initial focus on: characteristics of children with ASD who are minimally verbal, assessment methods of these children’s abilities and skills, evaluation of co-occurring physical and psychiatric conditions, and effective interventions including augmentative supports.
Saturday, 4 May 2013: 07:30-09:00
Meeting Room 8&9 (Kursaal Centre)
N. Jones , T. Katz and C. Kasari