Growing Older with Autism; Cognition, Comorbidity and Quality of Life.

Although it has been known for several decades that autistic individuals grow older, it is not until the last few years that there has been any research into the effects of ageing in this population. This is surprising given that ageing in typical as well as other atypical populations carries with it a considerable burden for the individual in terms of cognitive and adaptive changes, and for society in terms of increased demands on systems of care provision. The four presentations in this panel report on age-related, later lifespan differences in cognition, quality of life and psychiatric comorbidities. These studies, although cross-sectional in nature, will lay the groundwork for future longitudnal follow-up investigations.
Friday, May 13, 2016: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room 307 (Baltimore Convention Center)
Panel Chair:
D. M. Bowler
L. G. Klinger
11:45 AM
Ageing with Autism: Memory and Quality of Life
A. Roestorf P. Howlin D. M. Bowler