What Is Different about Females with Autism: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) occurs significantly less often in females than in males, particularly among those without comorbid intellectual disability. Consistent with these discrepant prevalence rates, ASD research has often focused primarily on males, limiting our knowledge of the ASD profile in females. Increasingly, research examining gender differences in ASD has found that females may be affected differently than males by this disorder. Prior research has indicated that there are differences in symptom profiles, delays in diagnosis, and differential impacts on daily functioning, but the direction of effects differs notably across studies. The presentations in this panel will focus on the unique presentation of ASD symptoms in females, particularly those without intellectual disability. A meta-analysis of existing research will review findings over the past several decades regarding gender differences in symptom profiles across the range of intellectual disability. Other presentations will discuss gender differences in adaptive behavior, executive functioning, and core ASD symptoms, with a focus on females without intellectual disability. Implications of these findings for better understanding the diagnosis of ASD among females, as well as long-term impacts on daily functioning, will be discussed.
Friday, May 13, 2016: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room 308 (Baltimore Convention Center)
Panel Chair:
A. B. Ratto
J. Bascom
10:30 AM
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Reveals Sex Differences in Rrbis in School Age Children with ASD without ID
K. Register-Brown A. B. Ratto C. E. Pugliese A. Verbalis C. Rothwell J. L. Martucci E. I. White G. Wallace L. Kenworthy
10:55 AM
Sex Differences in Real-World Executive Functioning and Adaptive Behavior in Children and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
E. I. White A. B. Ratto A. C. Armour K. Register-Brown H. S. Popal G. Wallace A. Martin L. Kenworthy
11:20 AM
Gender Differences in Parent-Reported and Clinician-Rated Autism Symptoms
A. B. Ratto G. Wallace C. E. Pugliese J. L. Martucci K. Register-Brown E. I. White H. S. Popal C. Rothwell A. Martin L. Kenworthy
11:45 AM
Gender Differences on the Newly Proposed ADOS-2, Module 4 Algorithm in ASD without ID: A Multi-Site Study
L. G. Anthony L. Kenworthy G. Wallace B. E. Yerys B. B. Maddox S. W. White A. C. Armour J. Miller J. Herrington R. T. Schultz A. Martin C. E. Pugliese