Efforts Towards a More Cohesive Understanding of Anxiety in ASD: Correlates and Underlying Mechanisms

Anxiety is a common co-occurring problem among individuals with ASD. However, the phenomenology, correlates and mechanisms of anxiety in this population remain poorly understood. The existing research has identified executive functioning (Lawson et al., 2015; Lopez, Lincoln, Ozonoff, & Lai, 2005), emotion regulation (White et al., 2014), and dispositional traits (i.e., Intolerance of Uncertainty; Boulter et al., 2014; Chamberlain et al., 2013) as potential correlates of anxiety in ASD. Physiological and fear conditioning processes (e.g., Chamberlain et al., 2013; South et al., 2011; Kleinhans et al., 2010) as well as brain circuitry related to anxiety in ASD have also been explored, though findings have been inconsistent. This panel attempts to explore several identified contributors to anxiety in ASD in an effort to move towards a more integrated understanding of neurobiological and psychological processes underlying anxiety in ASD. Panel presentations explore co-occurring anxiety in ASD in relationship to the following constructs: dimensions of emotion regulation impairment, profiles of executive functioning difficulties, brain circuitry (i.e., role of prefrontal cortex regions), dispositional traits (i.e., intolerance of uncertainty), and core ASD deficits. Integration of study findings, conceptual and methodological limitations and considerations, and future research directions will be discussed.
Saturday, May 14, 2016: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room 310 (Baltimore Convention Center)
Panel Chair:
N. L. Kreiser
M. South
10:30 AM
The Underlying Structure of Emotion Regulation Impairment in ASD
C. A. Mazefsky L. Yu S. W. White M. Siegel
10:55 AM
Differentiating Profiles of Anxiety and Executive Function in ASD without ID
C. E. Pugliese L. G. Anthony X. You A. C. Armour Y. Granader L. Kenworthy
11:20 AM
The Relationship Between Intolerance of Uncertainty, Core ASD Deficits, and Anxiety
N. L. Kreiser A. Keefer V. Singh S. H. Mostofsky R. A. Vasa
11:45 AM
The Neurobiology of Emotion Regulation Problems and Co-Occurring Anxiety in ASD
J. Herrington A. McVey J. C. Bush K. Rump J. Worley L. R. Guy J. Pandey J. Miller R. T. Schultz