Brain Connectivity and neural networks in ASD

Friday, May 13, 2016: 2:40 PM-3:30 PM
Room 307 (Baltimore Convention Center)
2:40 PM
Dysfunctional Brain Communities in Autism
A. Venkataraman D. Yang K. Pelphrey J. S. Duncan
2:52 PM
Differences in EEG Coherence Between ASD and Typical Development Are State-Dependent
A. W. Buckley C. Farmer R. Scott A. Tyler J. M. Mahoney S. Burroughs G. Holmes S. E. Swedo A. Thurm
3:04 PM
Functional Connectivity Scanning in Minimally-Verbal Children with ASD
M. South T. P. Gabrielsen B. Hansen R. Kellems E. Anderberg K. G. Stephenson L. Peacock A. Ward C. J. Kipp M. D. Prigge R. A. Lundwall B. A. Zielinski P. T. Fletcher J. S. Anderson