Early Markers of ASD: Laboratory and Community Studies

Thursday, May 12, 2016: 2:40 PM-3:30 PM
Room 308 (Baltimore Convention Center)
2:52 PM
Computer Vision Detects Delayed Social Orienting in Toddlers with Autism
K. Campbell K. L. Carpenter J. Hashemi S. Espinosa S. Marsan J. Schaich Borg A. Harris Z. Chang Q. Qiu M. Tepper R. Calderbank J. P. Baker G. Sapiro H. Egger G. Dawson
3:04 PM
Attention Capture By Faces within a Naturalistic Scene in Toddlers with ASD
L. DiNicola F. Shic S. F. Fontenelle K. K. Powell S. Macari K. Chawarska