Mechanisms/Correlates of Psychopathology

Saturday, May 14, 2016: 1:45 PM-2:35 PM
Room 310 (Baltimore Convention Center)
1:57 PM
Infant Predictors of School-Age ADHD Symptoms in Siblings at High Familial Risk for ASD
E. Shephard B. Milosavljevic T. Gliga G. Pasco E. J. Jones F. Happé M. H. Johnson T. Charman
2:09 PM
The Kids Know Best: Adolescent Vs. Caregiver Ratings of Anxiety and Relations to EEG Asymmetry and Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
B. Dolan K. A. Schohl A. McVey S. Stevens A. M. Carson J. S. Karst A. V. Van Hecke
2:21 PM
Exploring the Structure and Neurocognitive Correlates of Challenging Behaviour in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
V. Carter Leno R. Kent T. Charman C. Jones F. Happé G. Baird A. Pickles E. Simonoff