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Saturday, 4 May 2013: 10:30-12:30
Chamber Hall (Kursaal Centre)
A Long Noncoding RNA, MSNP1AS, Contributes to ASD Risk
T. K. Kerin A. Ramanathan K. Rivas N. Grepo G. A. Coetzee D. B. Campbell
Whole-Exome and CNV Data for ASD Sex Bias
S. J. Sanders M. W. State
Identification of Common Epigenetic Alterations in Autism
A. P. Feinberg C. Ladd-Acosta N. Parikshak A. R. Runarsson K. D. Hansen R. Irizarry M. D. Fallin W. E. Kaufmann D. H. Geschwind
Whole Genome Sequencing in Autism Identifies Hotspots for De Novo Germline Mutation
J. J. Michaelson Y. Shi M. Gujral H. Zheng D. Malhotra T. E. Gadomski J. A. Estabillo C. Corsello N. Akshoomoff Y. Li L. M. Iakoucheva J. Wang J. Sebat
Simons VIP: Expanding the Characterization of the 16p11.2 Duplication Syndrome
A. V. Snow L. Green-Snyder R. Bernier R. P. Goin-Kochel F. K. Miller J. E. Olson K. Porche E. Hanson
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