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Adults, Lifespan, Methods

Thursday, 2 May 2013: 14:00-18:00
Banquet Hall (Kursaal Centre)
77 Longitudinal Outcomes in Autism: Community Inclusion and Living Skills in Adulthood
K. M. Gray C. Keating J. R. Taffe A. V. Brereton S. L. Einfeld B. J. Tonge
78 ASD in the Hospital: Making It Easier for Children, Families, and Staff
J. Miller T. P. Gabrielsen K. A. Bouser J. Zelli K. Hart-Livingston M. N. Davignon E. Friedlaender
81 Evaluating and Enhancing Driving Skills of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
D. J. Cox S. M. Cox R. J. Johnson N. Broderick J. L. Wade A. E. Lambert R. E. Reeve
89 Service Needs of Adults with Autism
D. Johnson A. Singer C. Anderson P. A. Law J. K. Law
93 Findings From the Insar Special Interest Group: Global Knowledge Translation for Research On Early Identification and Intervention in Autism
A. Yusuf S. Prasanna L. G. Anthony T. Charman B. A. Malow C. E. Rice A. Shih H. Tager-Flusberg P. de Vries M. Elsabbagh
98 Challenges Facing Educators of Children with Autism in Oman From Educators' Perspective: A Qualitative Study
Y. M. Al-Farsi M. F. Al-Said M. M. Al-Khaduri M. M. Al-Sharbati M. I. Waly M. Al-Shafaee A. Ouhtit S. Al-Adawi
99 Predictors of Early Intervention Service Utilization Among Children with Autism
E. R. Hotez M. Siller N. M. Reyes T. Hutman M. Sigman
104 Three Years of a Specialty Care Programme for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Overview and Clinical Results
C. Llorente C. Moreno J. Romo L. Boada M. L. Dorado C. Arango M. Parellada
106 Integrating Research, Practice and Policy in ASD
L. White S. J. Carrington B. Winn C. Ramsden H. Morgan S. R. Leekam
107 Perceived Autonomy Support in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
N. M. Shea J. J. Diehl K. Tang M. Van Ness S. L. Mazur M. Millea
108 Particpatory Research Partnerships in Autism Research
J. A. Jivraj A. Newton D. Nicholas L. Zwaigenbaum