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Neurophysiology 2

Friday, 3 May 2013: 14:00-18:00
Banquet Hall (Kursaal Centre)
Abnormalities of Facial Emotional Expression and Gender Processing in Autism (Withdrawn)
E. M. Sokhadze A. Hinchen M. F. Casanova
9 Specificity of Atypical Neural Development for Language in Infants At Risk for ASD
P. Hashim M. Coffman C. E. Mukerji R. Tillman D. Perszyk J. S. Terner R. Travieso N. Landi L. Mayes J. A. Persing J. C. McPartland
10 Processes of Risk and Resilience in the Developing Brain: Evidence From Infants At-Risk for Autism
M. Elsabbagh E. Mercure K. Hudry G. Pasco T. Charman A. Pickles M. H. Johnson .. The BASIS Team
12 Neural Sensitivity to Biological Motion Versus Audio-Visual Synchrony in Infants At Risk for Autism
R. Tillman M. Rolison G. Righi C. E. Mukerji A. Naples M. Coffman J. H. Foss-Feig P. Hashim J. C. McPartland
13 Atypical Face Processing in Children with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
S. S. Jeste V. Vogel-Farley A. Norona M. Gregas S. P. Prabhu M. Sahin C. A. Nelson
14 Electroencephalographic Abnormalities and Epilepsy in Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders
E. Barredo M. C. Miranda M. Vazquez C. Tomatis P. Castro M. Parellada
18 Relative Contribution of Autistic Traits Versus Alexithymic Traits in the Neural Processing of Social Information
A. Desai A. Naples M. Coffman C. E. Mukerji R. Tillman A. Kresse R. Bernier J. C. McPartland
21 The Effect of Oxytocin On Sympathetic Responses While Listening to Emotional Sounds in Autism
I. F. Lin M. Kashino H. Ohta T. Yamada H. Watanabe C. Kanai M. Tani T. Ohno K. Ichihashi Y. Takayama A. Iwanami N. Kato
22 ERPs Reveal Atypical Neural Response During Empathy for Physical and Social Pain in ASD
C. Mukerji A. Naples R. Bernier R. Tillman D. Perszyk J. C. McPartland
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