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Broader Autism Phenotype

This poster session highlights research concerned with the characteristics of autism traits in relatives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The abstracts offer perspectives on behaviour, cognition and outcomes.
Friday, 3 May 2013: 14:00-18:00
Banquet Hall (Kursaal Centre)
L. Zwaigenbaum
23 Single-Unit Responses to Emotional Stimuli in the Human Amygdala
O. Tudusciuc U. Rutishauser S. Wang A. Mamelak I. Ross R. Adolphs
25 Parenting Behaviour Among Parents of Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
G. Lambrechts J. P. W. Maljaars K. Van Leeuwen B. Maes I. Noens
28 BAPQ As a Predictor of Child Functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorders
J. C. Bush C. R. Maxwell O. Hsin R. T. Schultz
29 Are Atypical Face Processing and Reduced Joint Attention Characteristics of the Broader Autism Phenotype?
P. Novack K. Gillespie-Lynch J. Lee R. Elias P. Escudero T. Hutman S. P. Johnson
30 The Broader Autism Phenotype in Parents of Multiplex Versus Simplex Autism
E. Sucksmith I. A. Roth C. Allison S. Baron-Cohen R. A. Hoekstra