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Neurophysiology 1

Friday, 3 May 2013: 09:00-13:00
Banquet Hall (Kursaal Centre)
1 Adolescents with ASD Show Attenuated Neural Response to Reciprocal Eye Contact
A. Naples M. Coffman C. E. Mukerji R. Tillman J. C. McPartland
2 Electroencephalographic (EEGS) Abnormalities in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDS)
D. M. Simula M. Carta D. Serra F. Piras R. Fadda P. Pusceddu S. Sotgiu G. S. Doneddu
3 Gamma Synchronization During Face Processing Is Associated with Social Motivation
C. Cuevas A. Naples C. H. Cheung L. Mayes J. C. McPartland
4 Modulatory Effect of Context On Face Processing in Children with ASD
M. Coffman S. Shultz W. Jones A. Klin J. C. McPartland
6 Abnormalities in Early Visual Processing of Faces in Autism
C. van den Boomen J. J. Fahrenfort C. Kemner
9 Impaired Feature Integration in Autism Spectrum Disorders Across Visual Hemifields
I. A. Peiker N. David T. Schneider D. Schöttle A. K. Engel
10 Inhibitory Function Related to Tactile Processing Is Impaired in Children with ASD
N. A. Puts T. Koriakin E. L. Wodka M. Tommerdahl S. H. Mostofsky R. A. Edden
11 Voice Processing and Language Impairment in Children with ASD
N. Bruneau O. Rogier C. Barthélémy F. Bonnet-Brilhault
12 The Development of Contour Completion Processes Across Childhood and Adolescence in Autism Spectrum Disorders
T. S. Altschuler S. Molholm A. C. Snyder A. B. Brandwein N. Russo H. Gomes J. J. Foxe
14 An ERP Investigation of the Acoustic Change Complex in High-Functioning ASD
A. Bhatara T. Babikian E. Laugeson R. Tachdjian E. Ballat Y. S. Sininger
15 Atypical ERP Effects During Auditory Processing in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
S. E. Schipul F. C. Donkers G. T. Baranek K. M. Cleary A. Belger
16 Missing and Delayed Auditory Responses in Young and Older Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
J. C. Edgar M. R. Lanza J. F. Monroe S. Y. Khan L. Blaskey K. M. Cannon J. Jenkins S. Qasmieh S. E. Levy T. P. Roberts
17 Neurophysiological Evaluation of Acoustic Startle Response in Japanese Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
H. Takahashi T. Nakahachi A. Moriwaki R. Takei K. Ogino Y. Iida N. Inada Y. Kamio
18 Otoacoustic Emissions and Efferent Feedback in ASD
A. E. Luebke P. D. Allen J. DeSanctis R. M. Nelson A. Lord L. Bennetto
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