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Brain Imaging - Structure/Function Correlation

Friday, 3 May 2013: 09:00-13:00
Banquet Hall (Kursaal Centre)
123 Altered Functional and Structural Brain Network Organization in Autism
J. D. Rudie J. A. Brown D. Beck-Pancer L. M. Hernandez E. L. Dennis P. M. Thompson S. Y. Bookheimer M. Dapretto
124 Corpus Callosum Structure and Interhemispheric Information Transfer in Autism
E. B. Barbeau J. D. Lewis A. C. Evans L. Mottron T. A. Zeffiro
125 Individual Differences in Anxiety Symptoms Predict Amygdala Function in ASD
J. Herrington A. N. Browne C. M. DeLussey V. Troiani G. K. Bartley R. T. Schultz
126 Measurement of GABA Brain Metabolites in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
W. C. Gaetz L. Bloy D. J. Wang R. G. Port L. Blaskey S. E. Levy T. P. Roberts
129 Neural Mechanisms of Improvements in Social Motivation After Pivotal Response Treatment: A Case Series
A. C. Voos K. A. Pelphrey C. Cordeaux L. C. Anderson P. Ventola
130 DTI Findings Related to Communication Impairment in SLOS
A. Diaz-Stransky R. W. Y. Lee E. S. Jung A. Thurm F. D. Porter
131 On Electrophysiologic and Multimodal Signatures of Language Impairment in ASD
T. P. Roberts S. Y. Khan K. M. Cannon K. Heiken M. R. Lanza S. Qasmieh K. Hines L. Blaskey D. M. Zarnow W. C. Gaetz J. C. Edgar S. E. Levy
132 Diffusion Tensor Tracking (DTT) of Face Processing Pathways with Comparison to Sensitive Behavioral Measures: Understanding Microstructure and Detecting Subgroups in Autism
T. E. Conturo D. L. Williams K. W. Chua S. C. Green J. R. Mahalchak A. R. McMichael C. D. Smith M. S. Strauss N. J. Minshew
133 Cortical Thickness Changes in Autism Spectrum Disorders Associated with Age and Social Cognitive Behaviours
K. A. R. Doyle-Thomas N. E. Foster A. Tryfon T. Ouimet K. L. Hyde A. C. Evans L. Zwaigenbaum E. Anagnostou .. NeuroDevNet ASD Imaging Group
135 Brain and Behavioral Correlates of Auditory-Motor Synchronization in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
A. Tryfon N. E. Foster T. Ouimet K. A. R. Doyle-Thomas E. Anagnostou A. C. Evans L. Zwaigenbaum K. L. Hyde .. NeuroDevNet ASD Imaging Group
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