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Relationship Between Criminal Justice Policy and ASDs

This SIG will begin with an interactive panel discussion which examines criminal justice systems, the characteristics and life circumstances of people with ASD that are implicated in criminal behavior, criminal responsibility and culpability. The prevalence of people with ASD who engage in criminal behavior relative to their prevalence in general society is difficult to determine with precision. Attempts to aggregate prevalence data are compromised by the individual differences that exist in data keeping globally, the validity of diagnoses, and the accuracy of reported offenses. This area of autism research and clinical practice has significant implications for improving outcomes for individuals with ASD who are coming in contact with the criminal justice system. Subgroups within Criminal Justice Policy will be formed to further the discussion and reflect the individual interests of attendees (e.g., risk factors vs. policy vs. treatment) as well as provide essential networking and mentorship opportunities. We look forward to initiating a global dialogue regarding the scope of this issue and what we, as scholars and clinicians, can do to inform intervention, treatment and improve criminal justice policy and practice.
Friday, 3 May 2013: 07:30-09:00
Meeting Room 3 (Kursaal Centre)
L. A. Sperry